Special Food

This type of classification helps to present recipes with another point of view and in an alternative manner. One thing is sure, there are many Greek recipes in this blog but there are also a lot of vegetable recipes, so I thought that a category for vegetarian and vegan (very trendy and for courageous people!) food might make sense. I also decided to include recipes coming from other cultures so I created an additional category for “Food for Around the World” :-) So enjoy :-)

montagne en neige de citron vert
Vegetarian Food

A Mountain with Snowy Lime Cream

Un entremets à la mousse au chocolat, framboises et un crémeux au citron vert par-dessus, c’est très bon et délicat et mérite le travail parce le résultat est remarquable ! Essayez 🙂

sauté d'agneau au curry de Madras et tomate (Ahtoo Curry)
Food from Around the World

Madras Curry Lamb with tomato (Ahtoo Curry)

A lamb sauté with few ingredients that is succulent? I want it! The recipe is really simple and there are very few ingredients, you just need to cook the lamb at a very low temperature! That’s the secret!