Veggies are the star ingredients of a diet, and this since the dawn of time. But vegetables are not here only for diets; they are also here to make our lives healthier, to give us strength, to make our skin and our heart better; but also to surprise us with the variety of their recipes and their light character especially when they are cooked without a lot of fat and when they are eaten in reasonable quantities because as my ex-coach Weight-Watchers used to say: “an elephant eats only salads and weighs 5 tons” :-)

salade de lentilles carottes, oignon, céleri
Vegan Food

Lentils salad with carrots, onion and celery

A beautiful salad with green lentils and veggies sliced in small cubes for more savor and with a vinaigrette with lemon and mustard for even more taste :-) If you are vegetarian and not vegan, you can eat them with a poched egg! It’s really delicious with or without the egg! It’s your choice :-)

croquettes d'aubergine
Greek Food

Eggplant Croquettes

Eggplant croquettes like in Greece because it’s summer and eggplants are the vegetable of the season! It’s really easy to make and very good! Give it a try :-)