viennoiseries danoises - en forme d'étoile

Danish Pastry

This recipe contains two types of Danish pastry: one in form of a star and with a filling of brown sugar (or rapadura sugar if you can find it), orange and cinnamon, and a second one in form of small snails with a caster sugar filling and some apricot jam on top! Both recipes require your attention and time but the result is so good that it simply worth it!

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mini-cakes with banana

Mini-cakes with banana

These mini-cakes with banana are very tasteful and even if they are a bit compact they have a very special taste because the banana goes very well with cinnamon and this special brown sugar called rapadura which has a very special perfume! You can add some walnuts for some extra flavor as well :-)

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crumble aux poires

Pears and Chocolate Crumble

It’s a crumble made with roasted oats and uses very little butter! Chocolate and pears go very well together and it’s a fine little dessert that is mega easy and good  It’s also delicate thanks to pears and surely it worth your attention when you are in a hurry and you need an easy and rapid dessert in hand!

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