I love Art and I visit Museums quite often in Paris or elsewhere when I travel. Read and find out about the exhibitions I went through and the impression they had on me. My advice? Go to the Museums, it’s good for you even if you do not understand a thing! And please don’t be ashamed or feeling less important because you don’t understand a thing, everything is a question of a bit of reading and then everything will come to place. I will write about books that can help you to understand and eventually appreciate more and more Art but for the moment try to get small books on artists (eg editions Taschen or Prestel or even Phadon…) or movements on the story of Art or even small booklets following the exhibition. French people are lucky on this aspect because almost every major exhibition is described in small magazines issues called “hors-séries” which means “out-of-series” and they are pretty handy! Enjoy the articles!