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Hello everyone,

Welcome to solo food, a recipes journal with recipes for one.

My name is Dimitra Coutsoyannis and I am the person behind this blog.

 I was born in Greece and I live in Paris, France since 2006.

In solo foodyou will find easy recipes, that are low in fat and sugar, and with proportions adjusted for one, two or three servings ! So, if you are single or just alone, you will eat something healthy and tasteful! If you are in a relationship, you can find some dish to make you happy too :-)

I came up with the idea of this blog while traveling on train, as I realized that, often, when we are alone, we eat badly, we order take-out, and thus we don’t control what we eat, which is often with a lot of fat and sugar, and expensive, or we just eat everything we see in front of us! !

I am person who lost twice 30kg in its life, so I know how difficult it is to lose weight and keep the weight loss. I’ve done it twice with Weight Watchers , because I believe it’s the only option that offers a complete methodology and is there for you to make the change successfully. But then, once the kilos are lost, we should never forget about what we’ve learned and start eating again badly, because the kilos will come back! And that mistake I have already done it!

The first time I lost my 30kg (both times I weighted more than 100kg), I kept them lost for 8 years! And then, I had a stressful period and I abandoned all that I had learned, so after the first 3 months during which I eat very badly, I started gaining weight again.

Since 2016 (second try), I keep my weight almost normal, even if I have not yet succeed to be a “golden member”! It will come someday, when I will start following again the method rigorously with the objective of weight loss. I will let you know!

As you can imagine, all recipes in this blog not only are for one person, they follow the Weight Watchers principles as much as possible, and so they are light in fat and in sugar (when possible).

Nevertheless, with this blog, I also want to share other experiences or write about other topics. So, you will see other sections talking about books, TV series, movies, music, and later on about going out, trips or other thoughts…

I am looking forward to hearing your ideas with great impatience (as we say in French)!

Bien à vous,