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pain aux poireaux et féta

Bread with leeks and feta cheese

A Greek bread with leeks and feta cheese and with a texture like a dense pancake that makes all the difference :-) We use yellow cornmeal for a sweet character :-) It’s really easy to make :-) Give it a try!

Chocolate soup!

Chocolate soup!

A chocolate soup coming from the Great French Chef Pierre Gagnaire because you really worth it! It’s very chocolaty and has some chocolate jellies and a hazelnut-walnuts crumble on top! You are going to enjoy it more that you can imagine!

crème de champignons

Cream of mushrooms

A cream of mushrooms that is easy and really good! Mushrooms are cooked in a pan with a little bit of olive oil, some garlic and some thyme! It’s a fine cream that can be used as a side dish or during the aperitif! You chose!


Classic Recipes

Lamb shoulder the Moroccan way by Paul Bocuse

Lamb shoulder the Moroccan way by Paul Bocuse

This lamb shoulder comes from the great French Chef called Paul Bocuse who was elected the best Chef in the world by Americans! It’s cooked into a paste of spices (paprika, cumin, curry) with rosemary or thyme and garlic! At the end of cooking, it’s glazed and caramelized with a mix of cooking juice, beer and honey! It’s perfect for a dinner with friends or even for you alone!


For Beginners

rôti de porc à la française

Roast Pork à la française

This is a very French and extraordinary roast pork with an extraordinary and light sauce! It’s cooked on top of veggies (carrots, onions and garlic) with white wine, thyme and bay leaf :-) Thanks to its way of cooking, it’s moist and tender and above all easy to make! It really worth the detour!

orange confite

Orange confit

Make this orange confit that is so simple and soo good! Eat it as is or use it into your pastries! When it’s so simple to make, why on earth buy orange confit?


Food from Around the World

Kibbeh – Beef Meatballs like in Lebanon

Kibbeh – Beef Meatballs like in Lebanon

These beautiful keftas are very special because they come with a feeling of ground beef, onion, pine nuts, cinnamon and allspice! Outside this filling we create something like a thick cream with ground beef as well, but also with bulgur and we season it with cumin, allspice and mint! It’s deeply fried and so surprisingly good!

saumon au citron et au wasabi

Salmon with lemon juice and wasabi

This salmon is simply amazing! So moist and tasteful! The sauce is made with a little bit of wasabi, lemon and Worcester sauce! It’s simple but delicious! It’s a recipe coming from the Great British Chef Gordon Ramsay! Enjoy!


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