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A recipes blog that includes calibrated recipes for one person. You will find recipes that are light and easy to prepare at home and have fun even when you are single or alone. Try them and you will be surprised!

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The Sachertorte in a mini version! It’s all about a chocolate dessert coming from Vienna with an apricot jam filling, and a chocolate ganache all over the top! It’s delicious and rather easy to make  Give it a try 

Pumpkin or Squash Pie with Pecans

Pumpkin or Squash Pie with Pecans

Pumpkin pie and squash tart along with pecan pie are American classics and in this version they are so delicate and tasteful that you will be surprised! It’s a matter of having a well-balanced mix of spices (cinnamon and nutmeg)! Just try and you will see!

Maryland fried chicken

Maryland Fried Chicken

An American fried chicken not as usual! Why? Because it’s cooked slowly into clarified butter and this makes all the difference! It comes from an old recipe in an old book that it’s not forgotten after all! Try it, you worth it!

Chick peas keftas with spinach and spices

Chick peas keftas with spinach and spices

These wonderful keftas are made with a chick peas cream that has spinach and onions and is seasoned with cumin, paprika and turmeric! It’s not very spicy but the spices are there and bring their character and make this dish interesting!

fried bites of cod

Small bites of fried cod

A slightly fried cod with a side dish like a garlic potato puree and some tartare sauce make a fine meal that can impress you as well as your family and friends! Give it a try and see for yourself :-)

tartare sauce

Tartare Sauce

A tartare sauce made with Greek yogurt or fromage blanc for those in France, some shallots, capers, and cucumber pickles (cornichons), it’s light and very tasteful as well as powerful!

velouté de lentilles corail au cumin

Red Lentils Soup (Velouté) with Cumin and Tomato

This is a fine lentils velouté and cumin goes very well with red lentils! The tomato sauce and carrots help the soup to be more gentle and the overall result is rather comforting and nice! All ingredients are well proportioned and it’s a nice alternative for a light lunch or dinner that keeps you warm and brings comfort!


Classic Recipes

Roast pork with Worcester sauce and honey

Roast pork with Worcester sauce and honey

This roast pork with potatoes has a wonderful sauce made with Worcester sauce, honey and Xérès vinegar (or any other red wine vinegar) and wins the 1st prize in our heart because we love it so much! Rosemary and garlic give their special taste that goes really well with the rest of the ingredients! Give it a try asap because it’s really good!

flan léger

Light French Flan – Three perfumes

This light French flan is made with milk, egg, sugar and flour and it comes in three versions: orange blossom, vanilla, and chocolate/cinnamon! It’s quite good and has less calories than a yogurt with fruits or a cream!


For Beginners

cookie géant aux pépites de chocolat

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

A cookie that can be split in portions? Yes, this giant cookie can be split and we reduce the total fat so there is even more pleasure! Give it a try and get one bite at a time! It’s even better!


Food from Around the World

curry de boeuf - madoo curry

Beef Curry – Madoo Curry

A beef curry without curry! You make your own curry (!) and it’s easy ;-) You use coriander, turmeric, cumin, chili and mustard seeds! The beef is cooked slowly in a pan and at the end you add coconut milk! So good and surprisingly powerful ;-)

saumon au citron et au wasabi

Salmon with lemon juice and wasabi

This salmon is simply amazing! So moist and tasteful! The sauce is made with a little bit of wasabi, lemon and Worcester sauce! It’s simple but delicious! It’s a recipe coming from the Great British Chef Gordon Ramsay! Enjoy!


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