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A recipes blog that includes calibrated recipes for one person. You will find recipes that are light and easy to prepare at home and have fun even when you are single or alone. Try them and you will be surprised!

Today's recipe

A selection

cake à la mandarine

Mandarin Cake

A mandarin cake with a very strong mandarin taste that it’s easy to make! Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised!

gâteau au chocolat et au cognac

Chocolate Dessert with Cognac

This is a very moist chocolate cake and super delicious! The taste of Cognac is there and goes very well with chocolate and all together they create a wonderful symphony of flavors :-) Don’t miss the opportunity to make it :-) It’s really easy! So go for it :-)

macarons à la cardamome

Macarons with cardamom

These French macarons with cardamom and white chocolate are simply delicious! The recipe is well explained and you should give them a try especially if you love cardamom!


Classic Recipes

Lamb shoulder the Moroccan way by Paul Bocuse

Lamb shoulder the Moroccan way by Paul Bocuse

This lamb shoulder comes from the great French Chef called Paul Bocuse who was elected the best Chef in the world by Americans! It’s cooked into a paste of spices (paprika, cumin, curry) with rosemary or thyme and garlic! At the end of cooking, it’s glazed and caramelized with a mix of cooking juice, beer and honey! It’s perfect for a dinner with friends or even for you alone!

ananas splendide !!!

Splendid Pineapple!!!

A delicate and quite easy dessert with pineapple cooked in the oven and a lemon cream called chiboust :-) It also has a lemon crumble made with almond power with gives it a little bit of crunchiness! It’s really good and worth the effort!


For Beginners

Roast pork with Worcester sauce and honey

Roast pork with Worcester sauce and honey

This roast pork with potatoes has a wonderful sauce made with Worcester sauce, honey and Xérès vinegar (or any other red wine vinegar) and wins the 1st prize in our heart because we love it so much! Rosemary and garlic give their special taste that goes really well with the rest of the ingredients! Give it a try asap because it’s really good!

cookie géant aux pépites de chocolat

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

A cookie that can be split in portions? Yes, this giant cookie can be split and we reduce the total fat so there is even more pleasure! Give it a try and get one bite at a time! It’s even better!


Food from Around the World

Maryland fried chicken

Maryland Fried Chicken

An American fried chicken not as usual! Why? Because it’s cooked slowly into clarified butter and this makes all the difference! It comes from an old recipe in an old book that it’s not forgotten after all! Try it, you worth it!


Going Out

danseuse ailée - home

Chagall at work

An Art exhibition not to be missed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. I you like Chagall, you should definitely visit the exhibition because beauty and precision are married in a universal dance!

Champ de blé sous des nuages d orage - détail

Dazzling Van Gogh!

It’s all about an Art exhibition with exceptional paintings and drawings by Vincent Van Gogh the last 3 months of his life. It’s simply dazzling!


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la boutique - solo food

The shop

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