Savory Food

Easy recipes for savory food that all can make at home! You will find recipes for special occasions or for everyday life that are easy and have clear instructions to follow! Give it a try!

sauté d'agneau au curry de Madras et tomate (Ahtoo Curry)
Food from Around the World

Madras Curry Lamb with tomato (Ahtoo Curry)

A lamb sauté with few ingredients that is succulent? I want it! The recipe is really simple and there are very few ingredients, you just need to cook the lamb at a very low temperature! That’s the secret!

navarin d'agneau
For Beginners

Navarin d’agneau – A French Lamb Casserole

A navarin d’agneau is a French lamb casserole like no other! Veggies are beautifully cooked and the meat is tender and moist and has a wonderful flavor thanks to thyme, rosemary and wine! It’s really good :-) Give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

pain aux poireaux et féta
Greek Food

Bread with leeks and feta cheese

A Greek bread with leeks and feta cheese and with a texture like a dense pancake that makes all the difference :-) We use yellow cornmeal for a sweet character :-) It’s really easy to make :-) Give it a try!