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Who we are

The site (also called « Site ») is an idea of Dimitra Coutsoyannis and belongs to Solo Food SAS (also called “Owner”); it is edited and built by the Owner in terms of a personal blog.

Editor: Dimitra Coutsoyannis 

Technical Administrator: Dimitra Coutsoyannis

Solo Food SAS :

  • Address : 85 boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France
  • Register : RCS Paris 905 140 083
  • Capital : 1000 €
  • Number of TVA : FR 30 905140083


The Site is hosted at PlanetHoster 4416 Louis B. Mayer, Laval (Québec) H7P 0G1, Canada.

Intellectual Property & Reproduction

The Site, and in general but not exhaustively, its texts, its resources (such as images-animated or not, photos, videos all with the tag “© solo food”), its logos, icons, illustrations, menus, information architecture, programs and their layout, unless otherwise mentioned, are the exclusive property of the Owner and are protected by the laws regarding intellectual property. If you want to use those resources, please contact the Owner.


Comments at the end of posts express opinions of their authors. Nevertheless, all comments that are unrelated to the Site’s content will be deleted. Furthermore, any comment that is insulting, libelous, racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, and sexist or acts as incitement to hatred or violence or it’s against the law will be deleted without warning.


The Owner declines all responsibility in case of malfunctions that could cause the loss or unavailability of data. The Owner does not guarantee that the data will not be modified by a third party such as an intrusion or a virus. The Site’s visitor is the sole responsible party in using its content.

The content of the Site can be modified without any warning and it represents the Owner’s personal choice and opinion. The Site’s visitor is free to decide whether to adhere to those.

The presence of links towards 3rd party sites does not make the Owner responsible for their contents nor imply a common responsibility between the Owner and the owners of these sites. The owners of these sites are the only responsible for their content.

Made-of & Credits

The Site’s logo and its various graphic elements were created from images purchased for that purpose by the Owner. The choice of the theme, its customization and the technical integration were also done by the Owner.

The Owner also thanks her friend, Nikos Kyriopoulos, for his help in complex technical issues.

The Site also makes use of royalty free images from the following sites: