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For those who do not know me, note for the record that I have a Master of Art (MA) in Digital Art, and that I was trained in a real Art School in Athens years ago. I am not telling you this to show off, I am telling you this because the shop is part of an artistic gesture, and thus, when buying an object, besides helping me, thanks to the small percentage I get at ever sale, you get an object with a skin of an original photo! It’s somehow a popular artistic object!

In two words:

“because in a future humanity, true poets will be those with a rebel spirit to what we name poetry”

Pop Art was the answer to the elitist Abstract Expressionism but always stayed in traditional art channels such as galleries and museums. It never acquired the popularity of Pop music that conquered the masses, as E.H. Gombrich states brilliantly. Nevertheless, if Jeff Koons (the most expensive artist in the world) creates Louis Vuitton bags with paintings of Van Gogh, Titien, Rubens, or even Fragonard, I decided to create everyday objects that are industrial creatures with an original photo in their skin, and thus celebrate an amusing and festive approach. They belong to the category of Art Pop Pure (APP) as we say in French. I find it very funny and amusing to have a pillow with a “brioche à tête” on a leather couch! Don’t you think so? And let’s just admire the originality of the tote bags as well as their funny character, but also the interesting character of the backpacks! Have a look, it’s funny and cute!

Bien à vous,

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