Some people : The pretentious is back part 5 and the end

The famous pretentious are those of Molière but even nowadays we can find them in the corporate world especially in big companies, nothing to do all day, paying consultants to do the job and spreading discord everywhere! Enjoy the 5th part of this story that speaks of the most characteristic attitudes of the pretentious ladies in the corporate world of today :-)

The 1st part, 2th part,  3th part and the 4th part of the story are still online to catch up!

In two words:

"Why I am not a manager?"

Her Journal (…)

When Aronce returned to the Office, she realized that Eliane was even more appreciated at the Office and that she had succeeded to create documents that resembled to specifications in order to facilitate the progress of the project which was now progressing even more rapidly. Aronce did not like at all that the project was progressing that fast because the pace was too fast for her. Moreover, she realized that this “ignorant” Eliane had changed the day that the progress meeting was taking place and instead to have the meeting on Thursdays, as the big consultants had suggested, she asked to organize the meeting on Mondays. She did this because for her Monday was the best day to have the meeting for better preparing the week ahead. The two women did not have the chance to talk to each other much because it was Eliane’s turn to leave on vacation so she passed the project over to Aronce and left to her country of origin.

When Eliane came back from her holidays, she realized that Aronce had changed everything again. She had changed the day of the progress meeting and Eliane was no longer invited in these meetings even if she knew and understood the project better in order to provide a status. Progress meetings were taking place behind “closed” doors and Aronce did not share any information. The project was not progressing as fast as before and even if Eliane was somehow sad and worried of all these changes, because she really wanted the project to end successfully as soon as possible, and help the consultants who had the lead, and even more help the Manager in charge of the whole project who was a bold and a very courageous and capable woman. So Eliane had to accept the new rules that Aronce put in place because she was her direct manager and client and not the Manager in charge who Eliane wished to help.

Eliane was still very much appreciated by the other departments and Aronce kept being worried even if she had succeeded to put aside the role of Eliane in the project. She continued to pretend to be her friend and eat at restaurants. Aronce and her most ferocious ally had decided to execute the most destructive of their plan: learn as much as they could on Eliane’s intimate life and then reduced her to nothing, to ashes and even “kill” her if they could. They had understood that Eliane’s “weakness” was that she was always natively kind and fair with people and always tried to find excuses for their bad behavior, because she believed that natively we are all good on the inside, you see being kind and fair is a “weakness” or even “childish” behavior in the corporate world, so Aronce and her ally wanted Eliane’s “death” so they could rule because they “knew” better. They had understood that Eliane did not wanted Aronce’s job because the upper Management was not clear on the subject and in Eliance’s world things needed to be clear or even crystal clear and not react based in innuendos. For months both women were trying to find out why Eliane did not have a boyfriend, and they insisted and insisted more and more. Eliane did not want to share things with these women, first of all because her secret was hearting her badly and moreover because she did not trust the two women.

The project started to turn into a nightmare since Aronce’s decision to take the “lead” and Eliane seemed more and more tired even if she was just returning from vacation. So Aronce succeeded to learn Eliane’s secret, the young woman did not have a boyfriend because she was profoundly sad following the death of loved one that she cherished with all her heart and this death removed all her will to be happy. Aronce then decided to use this tragic death and manipulate her boss who loved Eliane. So even when the CEO of the company decided that the true competency of business was on the business side thanks to Eliane, Aronce succeeded to convince her boss that Eliane was a person of low value, even if her work proved otherwise, and told her to leave the premises the same evening. The pour thing Eliane went to see Aronce’s boss because she knew he liked her and Aronce’s demand was completely out of reason after all the things she had done for the Department, but unfortunately Aronce’s Manager confirmed Aronce’s will and Eliane left the Office the same evening.

Eliane was devasted and she could not do otherwise, she was only a consultant, so she left the premises the same evening and until now she is trying to get better following the injustice that was made to her back then.


Aronce did everything in her power to eradicate completely her “rival” and turn into hell the life of her boss but she is not still a Manager herself even if she wanted this so much! Why? 

Because finally HR Management is doing their job and do not promote people like Aronce even if they are not they are not doing their job well enough, because people like Aronce who are that incompetent and resentful still manage to work for multinational companies instead of being fired for making serious mistakes, incompetence or pure incompatibility with company’s culture!

The end

See what happened in part #4 to better understanding this ending

This story is an artifact of pure imagination. Names and people described in this story are products of the author’s imagination and every resemblance with people who are dead or alive is a pure coincidence.

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