Some people : The pretentious is back! (part 4)

The famous pretentious are those of Molière, “The Pretentious Young Ladies” but even today we can still find them in the corporate world, nothing to do all day, paying consultants to do the job and spreading discord everywhere! Enjoy the 4th part of this story that speaks of the most characteristic attitudes and behavior of the pretentious ladies in the corporate world of today :-)

The 1st part, 2th part and the 3th part sont toujours en ligne !

In two words: 

"Why I am not a manager?"

Her Journal (…)

A new big project started at the Office and this new project was THE project of the present and the future of the department. Everybody was taking part. Aronce was really resentful because she had not be chosen by Management to lead this project even if she was the “ear” of “all the Office problems” as we already know. Instead Management had chosen another person a bit younger than her but by far more dynamic, which also had ambition and was ready to work hard. Aronce was telling to Eliane that this choice was not to last because this young person wanted more children and thus she would have to leave the office at some point, but instead, she, she had concluded her duty as mother by having three children and having removed her organs in order to avoid having another one. She was considering that at end of the project, Management would turn to her and asked her to lead the maintenance of the project in the long term. Nevertheless, she was furious against the people who had chosen the technical solution and were leading the project. As, you see, the project was led by two high-end consultants who might knew little about the everyday business aspects but were very strong in organization and had the support of the Upper Management to lead the project. Aronce really hated them; instead Eliane had found at last some allies to end the extremely messy organization of Aronce.

Aronce was becoming more and more paranoiac as the project was getting along, and she was scared more and more for her job, so the easiest target was Eliane. She was throwing at her more and more work, and on the other side she was trying to be friendly in order to reassure her. To reassure and enjoy herself, Aronce organized a huge party to celebrate her birth anniversary with an enormous cake and had invited Eliane to attend. Eliane in order to thank her for the invitation, had invited Aronce at her home for lunch and they had had a great lunch with Aronce seated in the main seat of the table along with her son and another friend. In order to relax a little from the heavy atmosphere at the Office, Aronce had started again taking piano lessons. From the outside everything seemed well between the two women but unfortunately paranoia was winning its way again because Eliane was highly appreciated by the whole Department and by the two consultants who were leading the project. Aronce was facing a new reality, Eliane was invited to meetings without her, and this made her more and more jealous. She was becoming more paranoiac because her PC was making full backups everyday even if she had not asked for it and was more and more afraid for her job. But, nevertheless, she took the 4 weeks of her summer holidays, because in France holidays are sacred whatever the circumstances.

This story is an artifact of pure imagination. Names and people described in this story are products of the author’s imagination and every resemblance with people who are dead or alive is a pure coincidence.
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