Some people : The pretentious is back! (part 1)

The famous pretentious are those of Molière, “The Pretentious Young Ladies”, but even nowadays we can find some, especially in the corporate world of big enterprises, nothing to do all day and dispersing the discord everywhere! Enjoy this story that speaks of the most characteristic attitudes of the pretentious ladies in the corporate world of today :-)

In two words:

"Why I am not a manager?"

The Context

Aronce (a masculine name perfect for a castrated woman) works in a big multinational. She works there for several years now and she still does not believe her luck because she her studies are not that “glorious”, nevertheless she is always complaining because she hates her boss and she is sure that she would be better at his place. She is constantly fighting him without result until…

Her Habits

She is someone who drinks a lot of tea. All day long. It’s what she prefers and even if her mug is dirty, she loves it. You might think, she does not wash her mug… who does she think she is… but being dirty is somehow a part of her. For example, she has long hair which she washes only once a week, because washing them more is going to destroy them… Her answer is to tie them up so it won’t be noticeable how dirty they are.

Another aspect of her character is that she loves candies! It’s quite strange to eat candies at her age but she cannot resist, candies provide her comfort during the working day which is so “harsh” with her. She also loves pop-corn and burgers but what she really prefers is the “café gourmand” which is a kind of dessert they have in France where a coffee is served surrounded by small desserts. Eliane tells her that when we decide to eat dessert it’s better to take a whole part and be accountable for it, but, what does she knows this Eliane, she is just a little girl as Aronce says! Aronce, she, she knows best, cafés gourmands are the future even if they seem to have a complex given the size of their desserts!

She also has a big car but her husband (who she hates) wants to buy her a new bigger one. She does not understand why because she loves her car… But they have enough money to do as they wish so maybe it’s better that her husband buys her the car and leave her alone. However, you can recognize her from far! She wears a long pink coat even if it’s winter and even if she is somehow heavy and in her 40s!

Her Journal

Her biggest sorrow is that she is not manager even if she thinks she deserves it. Once at her life she was Deputy but the Management downgraded her and made her Project Manager when she returned to work after her pregnancy. Furthermore, they “threw” her in the Information Division Department, her who knows nothing about technical matters, and with a manager that was very structured and asked for minutes after every meeting. She had managed to escape and changed sides when she went to the Business Department but even there they “chased her down”. They imposed a big technical project but she managed to hire a young consultant to do the job. The young consultant was structured as well and had managed the project with Aronce’s ex-manager who had finally gained some power on some technical aspects but the transition and the GO LIVE of the project was a bit problematic as the young consultant left her before the project ending and Aronce went on vacation just after the GO LIVE. Aronce was sure that they had done a good job, and she tried to reassure everybody when the problems begun but nevertheless she took a vacation… for 4 weeks!  
This story is an artifact of pure imagination. Names and people described in this story are products of the author’s imagination and every resemblance with people who are dead or alive is a pure coincidence.
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