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I don’t know if you have already realized but solo food is an extremely light cuisine the pretty savory and this is due to the fact that we know how to accomplish both in a successful manner :-)

Almost all recipes use only 2 teaspoons   of olive oil per person !!! Yes, you’ve read well, only two teaspoons (and sometimes even less) and these two teaspoons are more than enough to give taste to the final dish because the secret lies on the process of cooking and the use of spices :-)

And when I use butter, well, it’s on a minimum quantity at least minime for salty dishes :-)

In two words:

« And here it came my 50th anniversary »

The big secret in cooking preparation

If you have checked recipes for salty dishes, you surely have seen that the process is not the same as with all the other recipes in the world and this is a true will on my behalf and not a mistake :-)

You might have spotted that at recipes where I use onion, I never heat-up the oil before adding the onion as it’s usually done in recipes since the beginning of time! On the contrary, I first heat-up the pan or the casserole, then I add the onion without any oil , and then I stir the onion well&nbsp until it loses its humidity and starts shining! This is completely willing on my part, because I have seen that when the onion loses its humidity, it absorbs more easily the oil we add and thus we use less quantity of oil to create savory dishes!

Furthermore, once the onion has lost its humidity and I add the olive oil, I stir constantly and wait to see the onion become a bit dark or even dark brown ! This of course has an impact on casseroles :-) as they become quite burned at the end but the result is so good and tasty that I do not care to let the casseroles soak for a night ;)

So to resume, it’s possible to make tasty cuisine even when we use less fat as long as we know how to handle fat even in lesser quantities :-) Moreover, the final dish is by far more light and easy to digest!

To make tasteful cuisine while using great quantities of fat is something that everybody knows how to do! It’s ultra-simple but not good at all for the waistline and your heart!

Just try this new way of cooking and see for yourself but do not forget to tell me all about it :- )


The secret of spices and herbes

The other great secret I’ve learned while cooking Weight Watchers is the use of spices and herbs in my cuisine! You cannot imagine how much these two ingredients boost theimagination of your dishes :-)

For God’s sake buy and use spices in your cuisine, dishes are much more interesting and intriguing when using less fat :-)

The same thing stands for herbs, in France we like thyme very much, it’s true that’s quite good, but in Greece we don’t use it much because we have another herb called oregano which is close to thyme but it’s much more delicate in taste :-) Try it and you will see :-)

The spices and herbs are a must have in my cuisine! Will they be yours? Test and decide for yourselves :-)

Light savory dishes

Tas Kebap – Beef stew with tomato sauce and spices

Bœuf bourguignon

Veal with lemon confit

Eggplants « Imam Bayildi »

Lemony veal stew with oregano

... and fish

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