The book : A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader

"..., but with a book there is no end to all the people I can be".

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Book Cover

Does it make sense to start talking about books presenting a children’s book? I asked myself this question. The answer is simple; it makes sense because it’s a book about books and their importance in our lives.

Normally, this book is meant for young readers but being young is a state of mind. Whatever the age, you can find yourself in this book and find real pleasure viewing the illustrations. They are simply splendid and outside the common paths used in children books. Many of them are decorating the wall of my room!



It took them 8 years to collect all these letters (121) addressed to young readers by all kind of personnalités (artists, musicians, Scientifics, writers, philosophers, entrepreneurs…) of our era. Letters that talk about how sage books are, but also how playfulamusinginstructive or revealing they can be for our lives.

Maria Popova is behind this blog brainpickings where you can find many ideas about various topics (Art, philosophy, science, children books, creativity…) and discover other interesting and inspiring books (rare or not) in English!

More information

Find thearticle about this book in Maria’s Popova blog.


Visit its page in the editor’s site and discover this wonderful editor called Enchanted Lion Books in Brooklyn New Yok :)

Buy this book for you or your family and friends:

  • At amazon (if you are not in war with the GAFA), or
  • At the bookstore in Paris called WHSmith near the Place de la Concorde in Paris

Don’t be discouraged with the English, it’s not that complicated and it’s always more fun to read something in the original version ;)

I hope that you will love it as much as I did!

Bien à vous,

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