Risotto with leeks the Greek way (prassorizo)

Risotto aux poireaux à la grecque car les grecs savent aussi à faire des risottos, sauf qu’ils utilisent d’habitude du riz rond car le riz pour risotto n’est pas très habituel en Grèce. Cette recette reste savoureuse même avec peu de matières grasses et l’aneth donne un aspect citronné au plat final. A vous de tester et me dire !

In two words:

“She coupled at her beauty the sensuality of those who throw over cities and ruin kingdoms.
All those who looked at her were ready to lose themselves for her”.

To Start...

difficulty easy
preparation– 10’
cooking - 5’-8’ (preparing) + 20’ (for the risotto)
serves - 2  


  • 5 handful of rice for risotto or 95gr-100gr (*)
  • 1/3 of a medium size onion or a small one
  • 220gr of leeks or 4 small (only the white part)
  • 4 teaspoons of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of dill
  • 450ml of hot water
  • ½ teaspoon of fleur de sel or coarse salt
  • 15 turn mills of Kampot black pepper


  • Peel and chisel the onion
  • Keep the white parts of leaks and cut their bottom parts
  • Slice the leeks in fine rounds
  • Heat up a casserole
  • Add the onion and stir to evaporate its humidity
  • Add the olive oil and stir in the onion until it becomes a bit brown
  • Add the fines rounds of leaks and stir in until they separate in slices and become transparent
  • Add the dill and stir a little bit
  • Add the rice and stir until it becomes transparent
  • Add the hot water and stir
  • Add salt and pepper and stir again
  • Put the lid on and cook in mild to low heat for 20’; verify from time to time that there is enough water and add some if it is needed
  • Enjoy with a bit of lemon juice, feta cheese and a some bread

What’s the story behind this recipe?

This is a traditional dish in Greek cuisine. It’s called prassorizo or πρασόρυζο, the recipe here is low in fat and it uses rice for risotto (*) instead of the classic rice that we use in Greece. It’s an easy to make it and it’s ready fast :)

(*) usually you can find in store a special rice made for risotto (it’s mentioned on the package), if not you can chose other varieties of rice like arborio (more common) or carnaroli (a bit more tricky to find but better in taste).

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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2 thoughts on “Risotto aux poireaux à la grecque (prassorizo)”

  1. Bonsoir Dimitra!!!1 vrai régal !
    Et ton blog est très agréable ! Stylé, simple convivial, beau !on envie de tout tester! Je n’ai pas fini de faire tes recettes!!!😍😍

    1. Bonsoir Françoise,

      Merci beaucoup pour ton gentil commentaire 🙂

      Je suis ravie que vous avez aimé 🙂

      Restez connectés et il y aura d’autres surprises !


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