The book: Fresh Water for Flowers

Fresh Water for Flowers by Valérie Perrin is a touching book that brings a lot of comfort there where you least expect.

In two words:

“If a flower was to pop-up every time I think of you, then the Earth would be a huge garden”.

Fresh Water for Flowers - Book Cover
Book Cover

How the life of a cemetery keeper worth reading this book? Why is the life of Violette Toussaint interesting? After all nothing happens among the dead, right?

This book gave me a lot of comfort and I do strongly recommend it to all that have lost someone they loved and that the emptiness menaced to tear their life apart, because “there is something stronger than death; it’s the memory of the dead in the memory of the living”. We also read on this subject “speaking of you, it’s making you live; if I said nothing it would be to forget you”. “A memory never dies, it simply sleeps”.

You may think that speaking of death it’s a bit sordid, a subject that makes people sad, a chapter that we try to close quickly when it happens to us. But “there is no loneliness that is not shared” because hiding your tears and sharing your smiles it’s the easy way.

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Never forget that it’s always best to say to people that we love them. We should never postpone this for later or a more appropriate moment because “the day that someone love you, the weather is always good”, and “if life is just a passage then in this passage we should at least plant flowers”. It is well known that “if a flower was to pop-up every time I think of you, then the Earth would be a huge garden”.

Read this book, it’s good for your soul and helps build resilience after a dramatic event reduces us to nothing because sometimes we must “go back to continue going forward”.

Bien à vous,

P.S : I translated all phrases in quotes from the French version of this book   Changer l’eau des fleurs   of Valérie Perrin. The English version is going to come out on the 7th of July and it’s called Fresh Water for Flowers.

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