The series: Carnival Row is on Amazon Prime, do you believe in faeries?

Carnival Row is on Amazon Prime and the world of faeries comes alive but not in a fairyland context! I mustn’t say more not to spoil! This series worth the detour just to support all the faeries that took good care of us when we were children: )

In two words:

“they are companions, if not masters of the laws”.

During the ban, this American series kept us good company :) I just love everything that is fantastic and when I read or watch series regarding these topics, I really believe on them and I participate as if they were real! Usually these stories are beautiful, with strong bad guys, who are needed in beautiful stories to which we believe, because real bad guys are just the opposite of good guys that prevail at the end! Because I have not yet shared that I am an addict of “happy ends”; during decades, it was merely impossible for me to watch films with no “happy end”! 

But let’s go back to Carnival Row because it worth it. In this imaginative world, the Carnival Row is a part of the city where creatures from other worlds live and this in a city created by humans. There are faeries but also Pucks. The world of faeries is almost destroyed in a war that the faeries’ allies, the humans, did not manage to help them win. So there are a lot of faeries refugees who arrive in the city of humans, a city just like London at the end of 19th siècle. 

Despite the love story that is really strong, there is also murders to solve, and 3th level citizens that demand their way up to high society, and mostly there is the battle between open spirits, who think that creatures from other worlds have their place in a democratic world and are not inferior in any way compared to humans, and conservative minds that are advocates of division and the superiority of the human race.

It’s funny to watch how a fantastic story has so many points in common with the big debates we have nowadays regarding racial segregation, religion wars and the superiority of rich people. It’s also funny to see how the heroes of the series arrive (or not) to progress in a world that deepens into injustice and divisions.

The second season is expected and I also expect it impatiently because I love Orlando Bloom and because Cara Delevigne excels in its role :)

It’s up to you to see if you like it, it’s on Amazon Prime.

Bien à vous,

PS: if you want to see why and how I come along Amazon Prime, please read this article :-)

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