The recipe: Chocolate Brownie with nuts by Papilles & Pupilles

This is a French version of a brownie with walnuts and it worth your attention! It was one of the first desserts I made while on a diet (!) and I used to eat a small piece each morning! It’s was difficult to restrain myself but I had no choice, if I wanted to eat desserts during weight loss, I had to manage quantities otherwise there was no dessert at all :-( at the time I had not thought to calibrate recipes for one or two servings… that’s why solo food is necessary :-) solo food :-)

In two words:

“…so peaceful and with such a good spirit, that all the mares of the fields of Cordoue did not give him an evil thought”.

This week another recipe that I make from another blog :) and what a blog! The blog of  Anne Lataillade called Papilles & Pupilles ! This blog was a great source of inspiration for me and it helped me to approach French cuisine :) I still look at Anne’s recipes because it’s always very interesting and I have already bought her book (in French) which is really good!

Chocolate Brownie with nuts by Papilles & Pupilles
Image by skeeze from Pixabay
Image by tseiu from Pixabay
Image by Pera Detlic from Pixabay

This brownie recipe is very good, and I admit I’ve changed it a bit to avoid having leftovers in butter and chocolate in the fridge and cupboards but also to try to use less fat (if this is possible) :) so I use:

  • 200gr of dark chocolate instead of 180gr
  • 125gr of unsalted butter instead of 140gr
  • Light cream instead of heavy cream

The ingredients are: flour, brown sugar (or rapadura), walnuts (or pecans), eggs, dark chocolate, light cream, unsalted butter. 

For the English version (because the blog and the recipe are in French), I add a short summary regarding the order of adding the ingredients to make the dessert: eggs, sugar, mix of chocolate and cream, flour, crushed walnuts added with a rubber spatula.

Note that I bake the brownie in a silicone rectangular mold and it bakes really well without having to add extra butter for the mold.

I suggest that you use automatic translators for the content of this page because this brownie is really good. I promise I will add soon another post with a selection of Anne’s recipes coming from her blog and then you will be able to have another look.

One word of advice… try this brownie asap :)

Bien à vous,

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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