Apricot and Pistachio cream

This apricot and pistachio cream is velvety and very good because the taste of apricots is very light and still there! At first, I thought that the taste of apricots was not strong enough (because I love apricots a lot, if they are ripe) but after leaving this cream many hours in the refrigerator, I realized that its taste was really good (!)

Minimum resting time in the refrigerator is at least one hour, but the longer you leave the cream in the refrigerator the better it is (!) 

In this recipe, you will find 2 variations of the same cream  Both of them are good but you need to respect their resting time in the refrigerator and thus wait! The longer you wait the better it is ;)

In two words:

“Keep this city as a museum and build a new capital, not a historic one but a poetic one”

To Start...

difficulty easy
preparation1h30 + 1h at the refrigerator
cooking - 5'
serves - 4-5 verrines - one for the chef ;)  


for the fruits puree

  • 220gr of fresh apricots (~5 apricots) (*)
  • 65gr of caster sugar

la crème diplomate

  • 1,5 of unflavored gelatin leaves (a leave of gelatin weighs 1,6-1,7gr)
  • 200ml of whole milk
  • ¼ of a vanilla pod (**)
  • 50gr of egg yolks (~3eggs)
  • 15gr of caster sugar
  • 20gr of corn flour
  • 20gr of cold butter
  • 80gr of cold heavy cream
  • 15gr of pistachio paste

for bringing up everything together

  • 1 teaspoon of unsalted shelled pistachios
  • 2 small apricots


before starting

  • Place a metal bowl into the freezer

for the fruits puree

  • Wash the apricots and slice them in half, remove their stones
  • Place the apricots into a bowl and sprinkle the sugar on top
  • Use a stick blender to mix apricots and sugar and thus create a puree
  • Put aside

for the « diplomate » cream with fruits

  • Place the gelatin leaves into a dish with cold water
  • Add milk, vanilla seeds and vanilla pods into a small casserole
  • Add the egg yolks into a bowl
  • Start beating the eggs in an omelet using an electric hand mixer
  • Add slowly and by batches the sugar and keep beating after each addition until you no long hear the crunching sound of the sugar
  • Add slowly and by batches as well, the corn flour, and keep beating after each addition
  • Heat-up the milk, and keep whisking it with a whisk until it starts to boil then remove it from heat
  • Remove the vanilla pods
  • Start beating the eggs again if the mix is too stiff
  • Add some hot milk and keep beating with the electric hand mixer
  • Put the casserole back to heat and pour on top of it the mix of eggs, corn flour, milk and sugar
  • Start stirring the mix constantly with the whisk
  • Quickly enough, a cream will start to form (the pastry cream)
  • Remove from heat
  • Add the cream into a bowl
  • Add the butter cut in pieces, one at a time, and keep stirring energetically with the whisk, if you see some lamps, don’t worry, the cream will still be good
  • Drain the gelatin within your hands and add it to the cream
  • Start whisking again in order to for the gelatin to melt
  • Place some plastic wrap directly on the cream to cover it completely and place it in the freezer for 10’
  • Place the whisks of the electric hand mixer into the metal bowl in the freezer
  • Slice the pistachios in fine rounds
  • Slice the two small apricots in small dices but not very thin
  • Get the cream out of the refrigerator and start whisking it with the whisk to make it as velvety as possible
  • Add the pistachio paste into the cream and keep beating with the whisk
  • Add the fruits puree into the cream, slowly and by batches, and stir well with the whisk after each addition
  • Get the metal bowl out of the freezer
  • Pour the heavy cream in it, be sure that she is extra cold
  • Start beating the cream with the electric hand mixer
  • At some point, a whipped cream is going to form, it’s not going to be very stiff but maybe it’s better
  • Get some whipped cream into the pastry cream (the other cream)
  • Stir gently with a rubber spatula until the whipped cream is absorbed completely
  • Add the rest of the cream in batches and stir gently until all cream is absorbed
  • At the end, add the pieces of apricots and stir them in gently with the rubber spatula
  • Use a teaspoon to fill the cream in the verrines (small glass vertical pots) but clean up the mess on the verrines borders, if you create some ;) I know I did ;) (***)
  • Sprinkle on top the pistachios and place the verrines in the refrigerator for 1h at least
  • Enjoy them extra cold, but try to be reasonable if you are a bit heavy as I am
  • Really nice!


I created this recipe because I wanted to eat an apricot cream as a dessert (or any other apricot dessert - another one is coming soon) along with the tournedos with vigneronne sauce and the green salad with melon, apricots and pistachios ! To do so, I consulted some recipes from the Great French Pastry Chef Christophe Felder (who is a great Chef and has created great books) and one of my recipes that uses “diplomate” cream! And it worked!

(*) If you wish to have a more subtle apricot taste in the cream, you can use 150gr of apricots instead of 220gr, it’s still very good and might be a bit more delicate! Your choice! 

(**) If you use ¾ of a vanilla pod, le goût est beaucoup plus vanillé au début, mais après plusieurs jours au réfrigérateur, il est très bon !

(***) If you want to prevent some “accidents” to happen when you are filling the creaminto the pots and splitting it all around their borders, you can use a pipping bag with a plain pastry tip big enough to let the small pieces of apricots to pass through ;) but you are not obliged to use a pipping bag, if you don’t know how or if you are afraid of it ;) Look at the photographs, do you see something strange? A teaspoon works also very well as long as you are not afraid of accidents and you are cleaning up the mess!

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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