The recipe: Pork filet mignon with mustard and gingerbread cake by Edda Onorato

Pork filet mignon with mustard and gingerbread cake because we can have Christmas every day if we want to :-)

In two words:

“If there were no workers, there wouldn’t be any captains”.

Another recipe coming from another blog that is very good and very special :-) Pork filet mignon with mustard and gingerbread cake byEdda Onorato called Un déjeuner de soleil which has many Italian influences with very nice photos and good recipes.

This pork filet mignon is very delicate because its crust made with gingerbread cake, covers it all over and gives to the pork a finesse that it’s hard to find :-) in the original recipe, it has as a side dish a green salad but recently I made it with sweet potatoes and parmesan

pork filet mignon with mustard and gingerbread crust by Edda Onorato
Image by RitaE from Pixabay
Image by fuji01 from Pixabay

The ingredients are: pork filet mignon, strong mustard and gingerbread crust.

Gingerbread cake is a cake we eat often during Christmas in France and it’s easy to find; in fact all great chefs (or not that well-known chefs) have their recipe. I admit when I made the recipe I used industrial gingerbread cake but at Edda’s site there is a version from the great Christophe Felder that must be very good for sure.

For readers that do not speak French, try to use automatic translators to translate this recipe because this pork filet really worth the detour and also the other recipes on the blog are also interesting.

Bien à vous,

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