Gâteaux grecs de Noël au miel et aux épices - melomakarona

Greek Christmas cookies with honey and spices (melomakarona)

The melomakararona are traditional Greek biscuits that are served during Christmas in Greece! Everybody in Greece stresses on how to soak them into honey but this recipe is simple and straightforward! Nothing to fear and the result is extra good and tasteful! They are flavored with cinnamon and cloves and the honey is simply amazing! On top you will find some walnuts for some extra flavor and taste  Give them a try, they are very unusual but so good!

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sweet lemon confit

Sweet lemon confit

It’s possible to make sweet lemon confit with this recipe from the Great French Chef Alain Ducasse! Furthermore, making confit fruits in sweet versions it’s quite a habit in Greece and they are served in their juice! It’s really good and even better with a coffee!

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