Frittata with spinach, leeks and feta

As you might know the frittata is an omelet cooked in the oven and it’s really good! This version has leeks, spinach, onions, cream and cheese (feta and gruyere or French comté)! It’s perfumed with dill and has the taste of a spanakopita (a Greek pie with spinach) without the phyllo crust! It’s really good and quite easy to make!

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Risotto with shrimps - solo food

Risotto with shrimps

This is a fine risotto that is easy to make and you can use fresh shrimps or frozen! It’s good either way! It has some onion and of course garlic and some red peppers! To season, we use either some “pili-pili” peppers or some French Espelette pepper but if you don’t find either you can use some chili powder or some Cayenne pepper! It’s cooked into white wine for more flavor and you do not need to be on top of the casserole to observe the cooking! It’s easy, very good and quick!

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cabillaud à la basquaise

Cod as the Basques do

This is a fine cod filet with a wonderful sauce that is a bit spicy and goes very well with the cod! Besides the tomato puree the sauce has onions, garlic, and red peppers and it’s seasoned with thyme and bay leaf ;-) To bring some spiciness we add some “pili-pili” pepper or some French Espelette pepper, if you can’t find either try some chili powder ;-) It’s really good and rather straightforward to make ti!

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