Baba au rhum - A classic French dessert

These babas au rhum are not airy, they are pretty compact and old fashioned and this makes them so charming. They are really good and with the syrup even better, actually this syrup is amazing! The recipe was inspired from a recipe by Paul Bocuse, a famous French Chef. Try to make them and you will not be disappointed!

In two words:

"Two twin dawns herald a new and true day"

To Start...

difficulty easy
preparation– 15’
cooking - 25’
serves - 6 medium size ramekins


for the babas

  • 240gr of all-purpose flour
  • 7gr of yeast
  • 85ml of milk
  • 2 large eggs
  • 3gr of fleur de sel or coarse salt
  • 15gr of caster sugar
  • 50gr of unsalted butter
  • 35gr of dry raisins

for the syrup

  • 335ml of water
  • 100gr of caster sugar
  • 50ml of rum
  • ½ a cinnamon stick
  • 1/3 of a vanilla pod
  • a little bit of lemon zest
  • a little bit of orange zest


before starting

  • The day before (or several hours before starting) add the dry raisin into a bowl and pour enough rum to cover them as they will inflate

for the babas

  • Preheat the oven at 190°C
  • Pass the flour into a sieve and add it to a bowl
  • Dilute the yeast into a little bit of lukewarm milk
  • Open a small well into the flour and add the milk/yeast mix
  • Start kneading
  • Dilute the salt into the rest of the milk and add it to the batter
  • Continue kneading
  • Add the eggs one by one and continue kneading
  • Add the sugar and continue kneading
  • Add the dry raisins and continue kneading
  • Add the melted butter and continue kneading until all the butter is absorbed
  • Grease 6 medium size ramekins
  • Pour the batter into the ramekins
  • Bake for 25’ or until the top of the babas is golden
  • Let the mix cool down

for the syrup

  • Split the vanilla pod in two
  • Grate the vanilla seeds with the back of a knife
  • Add into a casserole all ingredients
  • Turn the heat on and boil for at least 5 minutes
  • Pour the hot syrup onto the babas
  • Serve them with or without whipped cream and a little bit of additional syrup
  • Delicious!


The recipe of baba au rhum by the Great French Chef Paul Bocuse as it can be found in the book Bocuse Paul, Simple comme Bocuse, Editions Pocket, Paris, 2014, p.178.

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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