The column: Vogue is invited at Gallica for its 100 years anniversary

For the 100years anniversary of Vogue in France, you have the opportunity to dive into an incredible era and discover the French chic as described by Americans with great success!

In two words:

« On parle français !... »

Couverture 100ans de Vogues en France
Cover october 1922 by Benito
Source / Bibliothèque nationale de France

If you do not know Gallica (*) then it’s time you learn about it because it is really worth it! Gallica is the digital library of the French National Library (BnF). It includes thousands of publications (books, images, maps, manuscripts…) in a digital format accessible from home without having to actually visit library ;) Isn’t that nice?

The other day when I was searching things at Gallica, I discovered a section which was dedicated to the 100 years anniversary of the American magazine Vogue in France! The articles in this section covered the 20ties and 30ties and depicted the light-hearted spirit of the era between the two wars. I really loved the illustrations and the covers and so I decided to talk about it in this column. 

October 1922

January 1925

July 1926

Just a reminder: What is Vogue?

I imagine there is only a few who do not know about Vogue and its dominant position in the world of fashion, but what do we actually know about its history? Vogue magazine was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure and was bought by Condé Nast in 1909. The French version was imagined quite early by Condé Nast but it actually happened only in June 15 1920. From its beginnings until today, Vogue is preaching elegance and modernity; its main audience is the upper class that is looking for amusements and information regarding all aspects of society: fashion, beauty, culture, decorating, wellness, life style etc.

Maybe all this sound a bit shallow and without much essence but an elegant “shallow” topic lightens up the arduousness of our lives and even if we cannot “buy” things presented in the magazine, we can still seek inspiration, amusement and educate our eye and taste and thus provide some lightness in our lives beyond our everyday problems.

June 1920 - 1st French Edition

February 1922
A changing style

December 1932 - 1st cover with photo

Since its beginnings Vogue was an illustrated magazine. Drawings at first, photos later on and certainly advertising since its birth. The variety in style of its illustrations added also in its reputation.

February 1921

September 1921

December 1921

April 1924

February 1926

June 1926

February 1927

August 1930

January 1931

May 1935

April 1940

August 1936

It was so interesting to dive into an era where lightness ruled and women started to liberate themselves. Vogue succeeded to depict this transformation with vigor and style. The most famous couturiers were present in its pages as were trips and shows not to miss!

Jean Patou and Lanvin

The Map of Chic

Joséphine Baker

All this surrounded by advertisements that informed about innovative products or high standard, notorious and high quality products that were already approved and adopted by rich clients and the connaisseurs.

Elisabeth Arden – 1926

Louis Vuitton – 1926

Betty Davis
for Max Factor – 1939

Discover the whole collection of magazines already digital and dive into an era that is now lost but never forgotten!

Bien à vous,

(*) It’s funny but gallica or γαλλικά in Grec means French and it’s often used to say “French” as a language.

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