Tarts with cherry tomatoes and tapenade with black olives

These individual tarts with cherry tomatoes and tapenade with black olives are perfect for summer or to recall summertime during dark evenings of winter! They are very savory and you should eat a bite containing one whole cherry tomato at a time because the tomato is going to explode in your mouth and its taste couples very well with the tapenade you are going to make!

This version uses homemade puff pastry that is quick to make (there is not resting time between each round) and very good even if you will not see different levels of dough! You should try to make it just to demystify the process of creating puff pastry! In two words:

“I’ve traveled a long way,
No tie could keep me back.
And here I am going over the cliff,
In the middle of the falling leaves”.

To Start...

difficulty easy
preparation- 15’ + 1h30’ (if you are making the puff pastry for preparing it and let it cool)
cooking - 30'
serves - 2  


  • Pre-heat the oven at 200°C for at least 20’
  • Mix together until the tapenade is formed:
    • the olives
    • the anchovies
    • the capers
    • the olive oil
    • the garlic
  • Butter 2 small tarts tins (11cm)
  • Put the dough into the tart tins
  • Make little holes with a fork on the dough
  • Spread the tapenade
  • Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes
  • Place the tomatoes over the tapenade
  • Salt and pepper and then pour over the surface of the tomatoes 1 teaspoon of olive oil per tin
  • Bake for 30’
  • Enjoy with a green salad!


Recipe from Christophe Felder in Tartes et Clafoutis, La Martinière, 2016 (*)

(*) I will add the exact reference once I have acces to my book again.

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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