The series: Pennyworth is on Amazon Prime! God save the Queen!

Pennyworth is on Amazon Prime because the Queen worth the best protection ever!

In two words:

“…for you, if you have some fear, you should try to get over it; but, for me, I can see it in the face of my enemies”.

Do you want to revive another atmosphere in London during the 60s? You need to watch Pennyworth, another series that got our attention during the ban and besides its photography, its decors and costumes that are of a fine and realistic esthetic, puts in scene two worlds that are confronting each other and manage to threaten even the Queen!

Can you imagine England being threatened by an obscure society that dreams of coups d’état As Pennyworth says, we hate this idea because first of all it has a French name :) but it worth watching the series because similar situations, even if they seem impossible, can happen if we are not careful!

Pennyworth is an ex-agent of the British SAS that goes independent and creates its own security agency. He starts from nothing and builds his name progressively through the episodes. He builds his reputation and fights in the name of the Queen all those who want to harm Her. He falls in love and fights to save his love. He does not always win but in a context that is extremely polarized, he stays loyal to the Queen even when he comes before a strong personal dilemma.

There is everything in this series love, action, a mystical and realistic atmosphere, the battle between good and evil; it’s just that the end was a bit delicate, or even impossible because too easy, in terms of love! And I am sure that they could do better after watching the whole series; maybe they will at the 2th season:)


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