For French people this video is meant to be funny and they will probably understand it easily! For people abroad, it’s more difficult to understand because first of all, it’s in French, and second, it refers to something a former Minister of M. Macron said to characterize M. Macron, who is the French President. This Minister said that M. Macron was very “Jupitérien” which means that he had something of the Greek God of all Gods Zeus! When he said that he was not a Minister but M. Macron made him minister! Even if I detest saying “if I was President, I would…”, for sure, if I was in the place of M. Macron I would never kept in my company, people who publicly (or not) try to flatter me! Too much power is risky to turn people into egoistic beings, imagine what can be done, if they are surrounded but people who flatter them all the time!

To come to the video, it funny because “jupitérien” means “Jupiter-rien” which means “Nothing to do with Zeus”!

In two words:

Is there a new God on Earth?

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