Florae for Van Cleef & Arpels

Do you day dream of a unique experience? A “unique” experience that is free and simply splendid? If so then the art exhibition “Florae” in Paris, organized by the Maison of Jewelry “Van Cleef & Arples”, is for you!

In two words:

"capture the ephemeral and give to it a form of eternity"

I am following the Maison “Van Cleef & Arpels” at LinkedIn since some time now but not very long, and I must admit that I admire their work very much! I learned about this exhibition though LinkedIn and I decided to go because, first of all, I love their work and then I saw that the exhibition was made with the participation of the Japanese artiste Mika Ninagawa, and I thought that it could only be good! And it was! Oh, my God how good it was! It was magnificent!

The whole space of the exhibition is an immersive space, where we dive into the world of flowers and this via the photographs’ projections of Mika Ninagawa, but also because we bathe into jewelry that comes from different eras and brings their sensibility and their eternity in our everyday lives. And I am not exaggerating, because the exhibition does not end after visiting! It continues to live in our heads, as long as we want, as the souvenirs created during the visit are simply amazing and unforgettable! Really, you should go and visit because it’s simply splendid and unique! Unique! And even if I don’t like this word very much, it’s the only word that comes into my head to describe the experience I lived while visiting!

The whole space is imagined and orchestrated by the Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane, and they collaborated with Mika Ninagawa to create this wonderful experience! There is of course some minimalistic music which contributes to lose the sense of time and space, and to feel just a huge awe like children in front of a huge ice cream!

I could never imagine that I could bathe into jewelry! Now, I know that it’s possible!

Thank you Van Cleef & Arpels !

Bien à vous,

Practical Information
Visit the virtual exhibition - Until the 14th of November 2021
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