Fantastic Beasts – The Secrets of Dambledore

When the fantastic beasts series came out in the cinemas, I thought that it will be another saga to generate some additional income for Ms. Rowling! But, finally I changed my mind because Ms Rowling manages to create a continuity in the fantastic world she created with Harry Potter and the new films are somehow breathtaking :-) It’s really fun to see all these fantastic animals with different and often strong characters helping muggles and wizards to save the world!

In two words:

“There is nothing more vulgar than the Snobbism; but words are just words, and a Snob would always be a Snob under no matter what name you wish to give him”.


In this new film, the world is facing once again the injustice that comes from racist ideas that are intolerant towards people that are different from the status quo. Muggles cannot live in peace with wizards. Gridelwald did not manage to destroy their world before, he is now regrouping his forces and this time he managed to convince a part of the people and some public servants for the “justice” of his cause: destroy the world of muggles because they are inferior to wizards! Nevertheless, Dambledore has a different opinion, and thankfully, he created a strange team in order to defeat the evil that hides behind this racist thinking! But is he going to make it against Grindelwald with whom he has a love and brotherhood treaty created when they were young?


Lights in this film are extraordinary! They are so soft and have this retro character without being nostalgic! Music is also very beautiful and contributes a lot to the mystic atmosphere of the film for more than 2h! We discover as well that dancing can save lives even if it quite ridiculous but so cute!

Costumes are also very retro and resemble to clothes of the 2th World War era, and this creates a link between the real injustices that the world knew during that terrible period, and the imaginary (?) world of J. K. Rowling, which is facing injustice due to the “superiority” of another race!

The Story

I just loved to see another story that demonstrates the unjust and ridiculous « superiority » of a race! After having seen in real life the rise of populism and the extreme right wing in many places around the world, it’s clear that watching films trying to strike this type of reasoning it good for everyone, young or old. We need to resist to the easy solutions that populism brings and find other solutions to face extreme capitalism that got sick during the Covid crisis. Will it get better?    

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