A history of fashion – Collections part I

A new exhibition for the history of fashion at the Palais Galliera (museum of fashion in Paris) and its new rooms. We observe exhibits starting at the 17th century until nowadays! It’s a wonderful trip in time  Don’t hesitate to visit, you are going to love it!

In two words:

“The night flower is always loyal to the night”

Pleats at the back of the dresses were a characteristic of this era, and until 1675, only men were allowed to make clothes for women. Starting this year and under Louis XIV, women obtained the right to make women clothes.   

Men were happy with tailors of that era, as they could find everyday clothes, or jackets, filled with flowers, and they were not ashamed to wear flowers even in professional occasions. Today, flowers in men’s wardrobe are most often reserved for moments of pleasure and much less for professional occasions.

A People Representative Coat
A People Representative Coat

In 1795, public servants of the First Republic were dressed in uniform according to their authority. Uniforms were inspired by the Romaine Era, and coats were cut in Paris, and embroideries were made in Lyon.

Excessive skill continues to be demonstrated in clothes and underwear as they use satin, embroideries, and endless pleats to produce a spectacular but still elegant result.

We also find clothes from the 20th century, and we see how they evolve in time and how the forms of the dresses become a bit simpler but stay spectacular and interesting!

At the end of the exhibition, we find a selection of photos and some graphic Art regarding fashion.

It is a very pretty exhibition and will remain beautiful in order to welcome you and share with you its secrets!

Bien à vous,

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Jusqu’au 26 juin 2022

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