Endive (chicory) Velouté with Curry

A delicious velvety soup that uplifts and softens the endives with curry and a bit of sugar. It can be served hot as a starter or as a light main dish. Try serving it as iced as an aperitif in small glasses.

The dish in two words:

“She dazzles like the Dawn
And comforts like the Night…”

To Start...

difficulty easy
cooking - 10′ + 20′ = 30′
serves - 2  


Base Recipe

  • 10gr of unsalted butter
  • 2 medium endives
  • 2 small potatoes
  • ½ teaspoon of curry
  • 375ml of hot water
  • ½ brick of vegetable stock
  • ½ teaspoon of sugar
  • salt, black pepper

Option #1 - Cheese

  • 20gr of Saint-Félicien cheese (or any other semi-creamy cheese with taste)

Option #2 - Bacon cubes

  • 1 pinch of smoked bacon cut in small pieces per plate of soup

Option #3 - Cream

  • 2 teaspoon of cream per plate of soup


Base Recipe

  • Slice endives or chicory in big horizontal strips 
  • Cut potatoes in big pieces after peeling them
  • Put butter into a medium saucepan and heat it up
  • As soon as it is foaming, add curry and stir over until the butter becomes a bit brown but not much
  • Put endives (or chicory) in, stir until butter has covered them, and cook until they become soft
  • Put in the saucepan the potatoes and stir again until everything mixed together
  • Cook endives and potatoes in medium heat for 10’, and stir from time to time to avoid sticking at the saucepan
  • Boil the water and dilute in it the vegetable cube to produce stock
  • Add sugar at the stock and stir to dilute
  • Add the stock into the vegetables
  • Add pepper and salt if necessary because the stock is already salted
  • Cook 20’ with the lid on
  • Use a stick blender to pulse soup until it’s smooth (velouté)

Option #1 – St Félicien

  • Cut the Saint-Félicien in small pieces
  • When the soup it’s smooth and still hot, add the pieces of Saint-Félicien, and stir with a wooden spoon to dilute the cheese into the soup

Option #2 - Bacon cubes

  • Cook the pieces of smoked bacon in a small pan until they’re crispy
  • Sprinkle crispy bacon pieces over the soup prepared with or without option #1

Option #3 - Cream

  • Add the cream into the plate and stir (soup can be prepared with or without options #1 and/or #2)


If you don't like curry, you can prepare this soup without it, and then it will be very mild


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