Dune I

Dune is an epic like no other. The film is quite minimalistic but still not at all harsh, and has strong conflicts and metaphysical questions. Dune arrived, at last, at movie theaters, and it’s here to stay! Meet the House of Atreides and get to know their story, their secrets and their strengths, and maybe you will find out how to conquer and acknowledge some of their wisdom!

In two words:

“Yes, I am abandoning myself at the belief of this speaking, which is the last resort of wisdom. This an only this is worthy of liberty and of living as this is devoting himself to conquer them, and uses, without fearing of the danger, the ardor of his childhood, and then the wisdom of man as well as the wisdom of an old man ”.


The House of Atreides arrives at Arrakis to assure the production of spice and instore its protection for its inhabitants. This is a very different approach comparing to the one the Harkonnen who reigned the planet before and wanted to take everything without giving nothing. But the emperor has other plans… except that Paul, half-God (or God), has other plans as well!


Une palette autour du gris mais avec les couleurs éclatants et monotones du désert, c’est Dune ! Epuré, sans être monotone, Dune crée une atmosphère avec ses couleurs et sa musique qui est presque métaphysique et qui rappelle Blade Runner 2049

Le bouclier comme une aura protectrice est juste magique et les panoplies des Atreides sorties des toiles cubistes de Picasso donnent le ton ! Qui est austère, sans être sévère et qui est surtout juste !

The dragonflies, in helicopter forms, are doing an exceptional work and bring us to monolithic and mechanical forest with splendor!

And the worms, like humongous shelled langoustines, have teeth that are milder than those of Sarlaac at Star Wars, and make us dream of the travels they could offer us!


Dune I - official poster

The Story

Since I first came across with Dune, via a film at the ’90, and then more recently when I read it, I loved its story and its atmosphere, and I loved even more the Greek name of the House of Atreides! I felt honored and intrigued (at least at the beginning), how spice could change the world! Because for sure spice(s) make my world, and a world without spice(s) is not a world!

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