Clafoutis with cherries

The clafoutis is a classic French dessert that is very simple to make and in its most classic form is made with cherries but it can be made also with other fruits! The most innovative Chefs have imagined even salted versions :-) This version of the classic dessert is my favorite as I had already tried other recipes, which used almonds powder as an additional ingredient, but I did not like them! This version reminds me the first clafoutis I had ever tried and that I have lost the recipe :-) It’s really good and simple to make and by making it we realize once more that usually happiness is hiding in simple things that are (sometimes) hard to find! But with this recipe you have exactly what you need :-) Greatness in its simplicity!

In two words:

“They rise and contemplate the Autumn Moon that reflects on the waves of the river”

To Start...

difficulty easy
cooking - 35′
serves - 4-6  


  • 500ml of whole milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 35gr of all-purpose flour
  • 100gr of caster sugar + a little bit to sprinkle on top
  • 250gr of fresh cherries
  • ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • a little bit of butter for the pan


  • Pre-heat the oven at 200°C
  • Wash, dry up and remove stems from cherries
  • Spread some butter over a pan going to the oven
  • Place the cherries into the pan in a way to cover all its surface
  • In a big bowl, start beating the eggs in an omelet using a hand whisk
  • Add slowly and by batches the sugar, and keep beating after each addition until the mix creates a foam on top
  • Heat-up the milk into a small casserole
  • Once it’s hot, pour the vanilla extract and stir
  • Add the flour by batches into the mix eggs/sugar, and keep beating with the whisk after each addition
  • Add the hot milk, slowly, and keep stirring with the whisk after each addition
  • Pour gently the batter onto the cherries
  • Bake for 35’ until the middle of the pan does not move (a lot or even at all)
  • Sprinkle some caster sugar on top
  • Try it lukewarm
  • It’s a splendor in its simplicity!
  • Enjoy!


recipe  in French published by the Great French Chef Alain Ducasse in the French food online magazine Académie du Goût.

o-o C'est si bon ! o-o

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