sweet lemon confit

Sweet lemon confit

It’s possible to make sweet lemon confit with this recipe from the Great French Chef Alain Ducasse! Furthermore, making confit fruits in sweet versions it’s quite a habit in Greece and they are served in their juice! It’s really good and even better with a coffee!

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cinnamon splash

Cinnamon splash!

This is a very interesting breakfast or a fast treat for tea and it’s a different type of pancake which resembles to a crêpe and it’s filling is made with dried raisin, walnuts, cinnamon and honey (or coconut syrup for the vegan version). It’s really good and easy to make!

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mini-cakes with banana

Mini-cakes with banana

These mini-cakes with banana are very tasteful and even if they are a bit compact they have a very special taste because the banana goes very well with cinnamon and this special brown sugar called rapadura which has a very special perfume! You can add some walnuts for some extra flavor as well :-)

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