un chaleureux accueil

In France there is this expression « français de souche » which means that someone is French without any ancestor of foreign origin! It’s quite a controversial expression and I had never paid a great deal of attention to it until I made this video! I am not a “française de souche” but I consider myself more French than many French “de souche” because first of all I live in France and more importantly I love France!

Georges Brassens is a well-known artist in France and has this song “Quand on est con, on est con” which means “When we are a jerk, we are a jerk” and I thought about him with regards to this expression!

I am really sorry but it’s impossible to translate this video in English, try to understand it because it’s really funny :-)


un chaleureux acceuil” means “a warm welcome”

…pour ton pays d’acceuil” literally means “…for the country that welcome you?” (and it’s really horrible to say something like that to someone who is educated and it might be horrible as well for someone with no education at all but that I do not know)

française de souche” as I explained above

con-tesse” it’s paraphrase of the word “comtesse” which means “countess” but this time has the word “con” in it which as explained means “jerk”!

Try to enjoy the video :-) and think that every language has its marvels :-) speaking many languages forms the brain in a different manner and expose oneself to many wonders :-)

In two words:

« … de souche »

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