Manolo Blahnik – The vitrual exhibition

Manolo Blahnik is a very famous designer in the world of Fashion and with his Maison of luxury shoes, he creates shoes that are unique, extravagant but so elegant!

In two words: 

« Shoes are all about shape. The form of shoes is very limiting media to with… I often wish I could work in boundless ways, as an architect does, or with the endless freedom of a sculptor. Most of what I make, however, derives from timeless forms, like arches, and other sculptural shapes”.

His latest adventure? He took the time and found the budget to create a virtual experience that is a most pleasant one, informative and which gives the opportunity to admire many of his sketches and the real shoes behind them. You can also learn more about his story, his friends, his obsessions and the community his works with.

Manolo Blahnik - La palette
Manolo Blahnik - The palette - The virrtual exhibition

The virtual exhibition has the following sections and it’s really executed with brio :-) it allows anyone to browse it freely, or to browse it via guided tours for almost all sections!

  • The Palette: A Spectrum of Colour
    • Come and admire 80 pairs of shoes and learn more about their stories
  • The 70’s: The Early Days
    • See and admire significant shoes from his early days
  • Friendships: Memories, Moments and Reminisces
    • Meet some of his friends and muses and learn about the impact they had on him (eg. Diana Vreeland, Tina Chow, Paloma Picasso, Bianca Jagger, Anjelica Huston, Anna Wintour…)
  • The Gold Room: A Celebration of 50 years
    • Admire the most prominent pieces of a 50 years career and learn where and how he finds inspiration
  • Our Family: Meet our Community
    • Meet the persons behind the scenes because, after all, it’s a family business

If you want to admire the most famous of his shoes that are of an exceptional beauty, go and visit the virtual exhibition and you will not be disappointed!

Manolo Blahnik - Le Trianon - croquis
Manolo Blahnik - Le Trianon - Les souliers
The shoes

This a very nice initiative and let’s hope that other luxury Maisons will dive into their archives and offer us other similar experiences! At least, this way, anyone (even if they don’t have the means to buy the products) will be able to get inspiration, be informed, or just admire extraordinary creations and products.

Bien à vous,

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